"We go live to Karazhan, a foreboding tower unlockable only by a key crafted and handed out several years in the past. Recently, a team of adventurers managed to delve into the tower in search of treasure. Legendary Mage Soulfrost and his ragtag band of heroes have accomplished some amazing feats here tonight, and we have managed to obtain an interview with the Master himself. Soulfrost, would you tell us about your accomplishments here today?"

"Why certainly. You see, what we have accomplished here this night is nothing less than extraordinary. We walked into a stables, and after fighting off scores of undead, came across a horse that was not bothering us in any way. So we attacked it, and when its rider came to try and save it, we killed him too. Then I took his bracers."

"I, uh - "

"There's more, of course. We headed upstairs into a grand ballroom, where scores of ghosts were dancing, so naturally we slew them all. Then we crashed a dinner party, and killed all the guests, and Medvih's personal attendant Moroes was there, entertaining foreign dignitaries."


Well, yes, but not for long. We killed them too, of course. We have pictures of ourselves standing triumphantly over their broken bodies, too. Would you like to see them?

"Maybe later. Ahem, well, there you have it, everbody. Soulfrost, legendary hero?"